Nissan ZEOD on track, on show

March 13, 2014

Nissan ZEOD on track, on show

March 13, 2014

zeod_3_13_14The revolutionary Nissan ZEOD RC has been on track and on show during the past week as development continues with the unique electric race car.

zeod_3_13_14aThe ZEOD plans to become the first electric car to complete an entire lap of Le Mans on nothing but electric power. Coupled with a light and powerful three-cylinder 88 pound, 400 horsepower engine international combustion engine, Nissan will complete an electric lap during each fuel stint.

The on-board batteries will be recharged via regenative braking when the internal combustion engine is running.

The ZEOD team were testing in the UK this week while also having a second chassis on display at the Geneva Auto Show in Switzerland.

Former Nissan PlayStation GT Academy winners Lucas Ordóñez and Wolfgang Reip have been confirmed as the first two drivers for the Le Mans program.  The car will occupy “Garage 56” at the French endurance classic – the additional entry reserved for cars demonstrating new and innovative technology.



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