What’s Your Style?

July 16, 2013

What’s Your Style?

July 16, 2013

whatsmystyleThe Alley asked a number of ALMS drivers and a few team principals about their own style, influences, all-time favorite drivers and their ultimate co-driver. Here is what we found for What’s Your Style?

Tom Kimber-Smith

  • I’m a very shy person off the track, but as soon as I put my helmet on that changes. I don’t like to use the word ‘aggressive,’ but I am forceful in the car.


Patrick Long

  • My personality and racing style is parallel in that it’s ‘work hard, play hard.’ If I’m in a relaxed environment, then I’m goofy and playful, but if it’s time to qualify or the final restart in a race, I’m pretty intense and aggressive.


Oliver Gavin

  • I like to think I’m reasonably smooth and aggressive when I need to be. I’m not a hothead in the car but I’m not going to be pushed around.


Colin Braun

  • I have a strong desire to win races, so I guess that would make me aggressive.


Olivier Beretta

  • A mixture of technical, aggressive, patient, smooth and persistent. In the 2000 Daytona 24 (which Beretta won), I had chicken pox. I needed all these qualities to get to the end.


Wolf Henzler

  • I am very patient besides the race track. My racing style can be described as safe but aggressive and persistent. I never give up and always fight hard till the checkered flag.


Tommy Kendall

  • Some would say that my personal style is wildly unsophisticated, yet unrefined—Oh!—you meant in the race car?  I would say my overall style is smooth, but I aim for my personality in the car to be calculating and all that entails.


Chris Dyson

  • I have a fairly aggressive, direct and humorous personality…my driving style is actually in a lot of ways a counter-programmed version of my personality!


Tommy Milner

  • Kamikaze! Seriously, I would say that I’m generally calculating and consistent.


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