Waiting on the weather at Petit

October 3, 2015

Waiting on the weather at Petit

October 3, 2015

rainCan we get back underway at Petit Le Mans?  That is the big question everyone is asking with eyes to the sky as the rain falls at Road Atlanta.

The race went red after five hours, 21 minutes with Sebastien Bourdais holding the race lead for Action Express Racing.

rain (1)“We talked a long bit about after Watkins Glen, with the weather there, and the importance of communicating with competitors,” Race Director, Beaux Barfield told Radio Le Mans.

“We emphasized that in the drivers meeting. Getting great feedback from the drivers, to radar, to my track inspections, to now what we see coming on radar. We felt it appropriate to take a pause and let this cell get past us, which I’m confident it will, once we get the track regained, we are prepared to wait it out and restart this race.

“I brought my channel digging shoes today. I’ve worked here long enough, back in my pre-officiating days, I know where the water goes on his track. This gives us our strategy for what we need to focus on before we can go back racing.

“We’ve been very specific in terms of letting team members out there (to view cars). Other than that just stay away, and let them be ready to go in an hour or so.It’s kind of crystal ball at this point. From the way this system moved in, it came in an hour and a half. I’m optimistic it won’t be more than an hour. We’ll wait it out.”

While the red flag is out, the clock continues to run and the race will continue until the scheduled checkered flag at 9:10pm

“The clock is running. We are past halfway, but we have a lot of racing to go to get this 10-hour in,” Barfield said.

“I have to say, when I did my laps this morning… this is one of my favorite events of the year. Seeing the people camped out here and an hour before the race, people were lined up on the fence. To see people lined up on the fence, we’re certainly willing to stick it out and do the best we can.”

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