Sharpy’s new ride

March 13, 2013

Sharpy’s new ride

March 13, 2013


After three seasons aboard Ferrari machinery, Scott Sharp and the Extreme Speed Motorsports squad is set to make its P2 debut at Sebring this weekend.

Sharp spent three seasons at Highcroft Racing aboard prototype cars with HPD and Acura. Teamed with David Brabham, the duo took six ALMS victories and the P1 championship in 2009.

Scott_Sharp_aSharp established ESM in 2010 with a pair of Ferraris but has now set up a “reunion” in the paddock.

He is back with Honda Performance Development, ESM team leader Robin Hill held the same position at Highcroft and former championship winning teammate David Brabham is back as the third driver for Serbing this weekend.

The new ESM line-up for the full ALMS season will feature Sharp with Guy Cosmo in the No.01 car and prototype rookies Johannes van Overbeek and Ed Brown in the No.02 (alongside Anthony Lazzaro.)

“This is unbelievably exciting and a big step for ESM/Patrón. This is a move for the future and this will be even more exciting for 2014 when the classes are merged and were vying for the overall wins. It is going to take a lot of groundwork this year,” Sharp said.

“It is exciting coming to Sebring and running the two P2 Honda-powered cars. I remembered the minute I climbed back into one what an awesome piece of machinery this is. It does everything it is supposed to do – brake, turn, put the throttle down and carry such great corner speed. But we have a ways to go in setting the cars up and optimizing them.

“The team has worked long hours to ensure that we are ready for this week. I just can’t begin to say enough about the hard work and effort that the team has done. They did three months of work in less than three weeks. We’re excited for the season to start, excited for what we are going to learn and for what the future holds.

“Our goal this weekend is to get both cars to finish the race. If we can be there at the end of the race, we’ve got a great shot at some podiums and maximizing our experience of learning. The guys have put in huge efforts and hopefully, we as drivers deliver bring both cars home this weekend.”

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