Ready for Launch!

December 20, 2012

Ready for Launch!

December 20, 2012

Ever wonder what some of the top ALMS drivers do when the season ends? Michelin and a number of top media and influencers know.

On a recent December weekend, Porsche factory ace Patrick Long was in Germany for the annual Porsche “Night of Champions” event. CORE autosport’s Colin Braun was wheeling an aging Ford Probe in the “ChumpCar ” race at Road Atlanta, while 2,500 miles away, Extreme Speed Ferrari’s Johannes van Overbeek was in California racing at the 25 Hours of Thunderhill.

Meanwhile, Corvette Racing’s Tommy Milner was dragging out his go-kart before joining in the 70th birthday celebration for his dad, Tom Sr. SRT Viper’s Kuno Wittmer was spending a rare weekend at home putting up a Christmas tree and whittling away on his wife’s to-do list.

When Monday dawned, all five were in flight to New Orleans to join Michelin for the launch of the newest member of the Michelin Pilot family, the Michelin Pilot Sport All-Season 3 tire.

Lest you think travel is still glamorous or boring, Wittmer’s flight was delayed and then forced to return to Montreal when a piece fell off the bottom of the wing shortly after take-off. After departing home for the airport at 3:30 am, Kuno arrived safely in New Orleans at 11pm.

JVO redeyed from San Francisco on Sunday night and caught a brief nap before heading to the New Orleans Motorsports Park (NOLA) to join the others for a briefing and some get acquainted laps with the new tire.

The fearless fivesome was on the road at 6:30 sharp each morning for the next three days, to be aboard the hero cars when Michelin media and Influencer guests arrived at NOLA for a wake-up lap of the track.

Hero cars, for this weekend, meant the Ferrari 458, Corvette ZR1, Lamborghini Gallardo and Porsche Turbo Michelin brought out for demonstration laps.

Michelin also offered up six packs of Cadillac CTS, Infiniti G37, Subaru STi and Audi A4 cars and tires from four top competitors. Guests became tire testers for the day, conducting back-to-back tests in road course, wet and dry braking, wet autocross, and autocross events with Michelin and three top competitors at each test.

Seeing firsthand how Michelin links the technology transfer from its engineers at the races, through its technical centers, and ultimately to the consumer tires, made the trip highly worthwhile for the drivers and memorable for the guests.

To learn more about the Michelin PS A/S 3 tires go to or #psas3

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