P2 Lime Rock battle ground

July 6, 2013

P2 Lime Rock battle ground

July 6, 2013

2013-07-06 at 15-47-59

The battle between the two Honda Performance Development teams fighting it out for P2 championship honors hit a whole new level today after Ryan Briscoe and Guy Cosmo finished today’s Lime Rock Grand Prix with on track contact.

2013-07-06 at 17-29-49Cosmo and teammate Scott Sharp (pictured right) held the lead in the dying stages of the event but a late race caution enabled Briscoe to take a run for the P2 win.

Briscoe made contact with Cosmo after the back straight chicane with Cosmo spinning out the lead. Briscoe and Scott Tucker received the winner’s trophy at the podium ceremony but race results are yet to be made official.

“It was a tough call, Guy did a great job today. He was using all of the road, certainly what happened going up the hill wasn’t my intention,” Briscoe said.

“It looks like my nose just tagged his rear. He got up on the curbing or something, maybe the traction control came on, but we made a bit of contact. Really tough conditions with the heat today, but overall just a great win for the team and a fun battle.

“I had almost gotten past him so if we had stay green, I probably could have passed him. It would have been more time to get around him, for sure.”

Cosmo was a disappointed man after seeing his potential second P2 win of the season evaporate with only a couple of laps remaining.

“It was going well and at the end of the day, our competitors just don’t like playing nice,” Cosmo said.

“Here we are collecting the second place trophies when we had that race won. We will persevere. I’ve said it before, if they’re not going to play nice, there’s no more Mr. Nice Guy.”

This is the second year in a row that Cosmo’s race has ended in heartache. Contact with the PC car of CORE autosport had Cosmo finish the race in the final turn wall last year.

Briscoe’s race weekend is not complete however. After today’s Lime Rock event he is en route to Pocono Raceway for tomorrow’s IndyCar event.

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