Michelin Reveals 2021 IMSA Contingency Programs

January 30, 2021

Michelin Reveals 2021 IMSA Contingency Programs

January 30, 2021

Michelin will offer three IMSA contingency programs to teams using its commercial slick tires in 2021. These programs cover five classes of competition in 2021 (GTD, GS, TCR and LMP3 in both WeatherTech and Prototype Challenge).

The “Michelin All Hands For the Win” award recognizes teams in those classes that spend the least amount of time on pit road, and is tracked and determined by IMSA Timing & Scoring at each event. The lowest cumulative time at the end of the year will win DOT-legal street tires (not exceeding $2,000 MSRP per set of tires), to be allocated to identified individual team members of the winning class teams.

Race leaders at the halfway point will capture the “Michelin Mid-Way Front Runner” award. The award for the Michelin Mid-way Front Runner will be one set of MICHELIN Competition tires.

The “Michelin Pilot Challenge Moment of the Race” debuts in 2021. This is built in partnership with IMSA Radio for that series’ GS and TCR classes.

IMSA Radio talent will determine and announce their selection at the end of the race. This is based on a moment the IMSA Radio recognizes to be critical to a driver and/or team’s positive race outcome.

Considerations will be made for:

  • On-track race move that impacted the overall finishing position for the team
  • Off-track strategy (tires, fuel, driver change, etc.) that positively impacted team finish

The winner of the Moment of the Race designation will not necessarily be the overall race winner.

These contingency programs will add some other “race within a race” elements. This will reward teams for achieving success in different ways.

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