Five questions with Chris Dyson

July 6, 2012

Five questions with Chris Dyson

July 6, 2012

The Dyson Racing culture:

“Above all else, we focus on the fundamentals and that means making sure we always work on making the car faster. Everything else is subservient to that goal. The culture within the team is very supportive, as everyone shares the key agenda of winning races and championships. We’ve had the benefit of longevity with our program and our staff and this means the team has a genuine family feel to it. We also try to extend ourselves to keep the big picture in mind and help others in the series to succeed.”


The first three races of the 2012 season:

Considering we only took delivery of our equipment twelve days before the season and went into the season opener with literally no track testing, I’m honestly thrilled that we are only four points behind our competition after three events. The car needs more tuning, but the reliability of our AER-built Mazda MZR-R and the car itself has been superb.”


Declining their invitations to Le Mans:

Not going to Le Mans was absolutely the right call. Emotionally it still has a huge pull, but this is a business and in the end and for all practical concerns we had to return our invitations. The ACO was very gracious and understood the decision. We need the time now to make sure the car improves as we’ve always said that winning another IMSA American Le Mans Series title is our primary goal. We have a few tests planned on and off-track during the break in the schedule. Normally, I get grouchy when we’re not racing for several weeks in May and June, but this year we need every minute for development. The next six weeks will define the rest of our season.”


Their friendship and rivalry with Greg Pickett’s Muscle Milk team:

I think we have a huge amount of respect for each other and what it takes to turn up on the grid each and every week and to compete against each other in this series. We share the same passion and the same spirit of what makes for healthy competition. We both also concentrate on the big picture and we realize that pettiness and competitive bickering off-track has no place in a healthy racing series. It really helps that Greg and my father Rob have both been in this sport for over 40 years together and as their families and businesses have grown, they have both adapted and excelled. This reflects in our shared record on the track and our organizations today. On track, we race very hard against each other but it is always clean and fair. Culturally, our teams are both hugely family-oriented, too.”


Lime Rock Park:

I have so many Lime Rock memories that it is hard to pick one that stands out. I started my car racing career there and all my formative early race events happened there, including my first Skip Barber School. But I would say it’s a toss-up between our debut IMSA GTP win in 1985 and last year’s ALMS win from pole. The happiness we all felt in ’85 was unbelievable.  I was just a little boy but I still remember a lot of it very clearly. The intensity of memory is so powerful sometimes. And then, to go back 25 years later, to qualify on pole and then win the race—the same race that had so enraptured me as a young boy – – was for me a dream come true.

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