Diaz & Rayhall take PC battle at VIR

August 24, 2014

Diaz & Rayhall take PC battle at VIR

August 24, 2014

PCwinnerSean Rayhall and Luis Diaz have taken the first place points in the combined PC class races at Virginia International Raceway this weekend.

This weekend’s format involved the silver or bronze class driver qualifying for the first race on Saturday and then completing the 45 minute journey.

Today it was the turn for the pros to get behind the wheel. Rayhall qualified on pole and won yesterday’s race and Diaz was able to hold on today, holding off a hard charging Colin Braun from CORE autosport.

“I’m very happy for all the team, also congrats to these guys,” Diaz said.

“John and Colin did a good job setting the pace all weekend. They were very face and consistent. We knew that it was going to be a very strong battle. For me it was just a matter of not making mistakes and trying to just follow the good race that Sean did yesterday.

“It’s good for the team, I’m very happy for them and my sponsors. I’m only racing the short races so for me it was important to have a good results and I’m very happy for the entire team.”

Diaz came under pressure from Braun in the closing stages before a late race yellow froze the positions.

“I had a lot of pressure on me so I was playing the game of not looking in my mirrors,” Diaz said.

“Thank God it was flawless and we didn’t have a problem. I think if that yellow flag didn’t come at the end, I know Colin was stronger than me. So thankful, the flag came out and we didn’t have to fight against this good driver.”

Renger van der Zande and Mirco Schultis took third overall on combined times.

1. #25-PC Sean Rayhall/Luis Diaz, Oreca FLM 09 Chevrolet, 47 laps
2. #54-PC Jon Bennett/Colin Braun, Oreca FLM 09 Chevrolet, 47
3. #8-PC Mirco Schultis/Renger van der Zande, Oreca FLM 09 Chevrolet, 47
4. #7-PC Martin Fuentes/Kyle Marcelli, Oreca FLM 09 Chevrolet, 47
5. #38-PC James French/David Ostella, Oreca FLM 09 Chevrolet, 47
6. #52-PC Frankie Montecalvo/Gunnar Jeannette, Oreca FLM 09 Chevrolet, 47
7. #85-PC Chris Miller, Oreca FLM 09 Chevrolet, 47
8. #09-PC Duncan Ende/Bruno Junqueira, Oreca FLM 09 Chevrolet, 44
9. #08-PC Chris Cumming/Alex Tagliani, Oreca FLM 09 Chevrolet, 36

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