di Grassi fast in both Formula E and sportscars

March 13, 2015

di Grassi fast in both Formula E and sportscars

March 13, 2015

lucas_digrassi_pressEx-Formula 1 driver and factory Audi World Endurance Championship ace Lucas di Grassi has proven to be a force to be reckoned with in the FIA Formula E Championship – leading the championship coming into the Miami event.

The Brazilian won the opening round of the championship in China and has been highly competitive in each outing – bringing a 10 point championship lead to the US.

One of several drivers who also competes in the FIA World Endurance Championship, the Audi Sport Abt driver acknowledges there are some similarities between the two disciplines.

AUTO - WEC 6 HOURS OF BAHRAIN 2014“It is a completely different car in terms of grip level, power and purpose of the car,” di Grassi said.

“The only things you can apply from one to another is the regenerative braking – the way the hybird works to regenerate the power and secondly you have to save energy. You have to drive efficiently. You have to drive fast but you have to save energy so the ratio between going fast and power usage is where it matters.

“That is the same in LM P1 and Formula E – the driver can use a very similar technique. This is what I exchange between one and another.”

di Grassi is enjoying the stark contrasts between life as an LM P1 factory driver for Audi in the FIA World Endurance Championship and his efforts this weekend for Audi Sport Abt.

“The racing in both series is completely different. In Formula E we don’t get a lot of track time in the weekend, but in LM P1 we test a lot and the races are a lot longer,” di Grassi said.

“It is the perfect combination of short very intense races and long races where you’re in the car for a very long period of time. Overtaking really doesn’t matter it is all about the consistency in your performance.

“They are two totally different scenarios but they are complimentary in a way. For me doing both championships is a real pleasure.”

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