Davidson eyes return at “physical” COTA

September 8, 2016

Davidson eyes return at “physical” COTA

September 8, 2016


Toyota LM P1 ace Anthony Davidson is looking forward to returning to FIA World Endurance Championship action next weekend at Circuit of The Americas after a rib injury forced him out of action in Mexico.

A crash in testing in Europe recently gave the ex-Formula 1 driver damaged ribs and after trying the Toyota in Thursday morning testing, the diminutive Brit elected to give himself more time to recover before tackling the Texas race.

davidson_3“I was trying to recover but realized the ribs weren’t quite up to the job for that weekend so it was better to rest and focus on COTA and come back there 100 per cent fit rather than still 90 or 80 per cent fit,” Davidson said.

“There you still have you very much have to be on top of your game. You are needed there, unlike Mexico where you can get through that race with two drivers.

“It is not a very physically demanding track in terms of its layout. COTA really pushed the drivers. It is the most physical track on the calendar by quite some distance.

“The humidity and the high temperature plus it is really a high speed track with the g forces at a high level. The three drivers are needed there and that’s what I’m working towards.”

Despite being fastest in qualifying here in 2014, Davidson still departs Texas each year feeling there is more time to be found at the 3.418 mile Austin venue.

davidson_1“The next most important part of the track is the penultimate complex with the slow-speed  technical stuff arounds turn 13, 14 and 15,” Davidson said.

“It is really deceptive as to where you should put the car. You often go for the wrong line and it doesn’t work out but inside the car it feels like it should.

“Throw in the traffic with that mix and it is a really hard track to master.

“You always feel like you come away from there with the need to do more laps.”

Since the track’s debut on the FIA World Endurance Championship calendar in 2013, the Austin, Texas venue has provided many challenges for the teams including sweltering temperatures, high humidity and even rain showers which turned back of the circuit into a temporary lake!

Davidson however, remains a massive fan of the Texas venue.

lm24_gal_sun_6“For a modern race track designed around the current FIA spec 1 standard it has such character,” he said.

“It is a real rarity today in circuit design. I love the circuit. It is so challenging and so rewarding when you get it right.

“It flows well, it works well with traffic which is a big part of our game in LM P1. I’m still learning it.

“There are so many unique details about the track. You have huge elevation going into turn one. That’s a one off corner and people talk about it as the main point of COTA but it’s not.

“The main is the chicane that leads after it. Picking your line through there, where to carry the speed and where to do your fuel lifts are really important.”


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