Close call for Audi

March 16, 2013

Close call for Audi

March 16, 2013


The competition between the No.1 and No.2 Audis is pretty fierce today at Sebring International Raceway but at times it has been getting a little too close for comfort.

As the race headed towards the half way mark, Lucas di Grassi poked his nose down the inside of Oliver Jarvis entering turn 17. The two Audis touched making for a hairy moment for Audi Sport which is running 1-2 – especially for Jarvis in the No.1 race leading machine.

“My first stint was really good but I was a little bit unfortunate with the safety car because they allowed the No.2 car to pit and basically gave them a free pit stop. After that they had fresh tires,” Jarvis said.

“We’re still in the fight but we have to stay on in there for the first 10 hours and then fight for the win in the last two.”

Jarvis was fortunate to not be turned around in turn 17 by di Grassi by the contact.

“It was certainly interesting in-car I have to say. We passed another car mid straight and I must admit I didn’t see him and didn’t think he’d make a move there. I turned in and just as I did he clipped the right rear.

“Fortunately it was only a light brush and we were both able to make it around. It was a close call and as you can see we are fighting hard and anything can happen.”

The drivers in the Audi machines have limited vision. The German manufacturer has even installed cameras and screens inside the cockpit to improve vision around the A-pillar of the R18 cockpit.

“It is very difficult in the car because we sit very far back and when you see the in-car camera it is actually a lot further forward and has a much wider angle of view,” Jarvis said.

“We’re pretty limited to seeing just in front so it is very difficult to see what is beside you. It makes life a little but harder but we are teammates and we have to be aware and hopefully nothing like that will happen for the rest of the race.”

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