2014 taking shape

July 19, 2013

2014 taking shape

July 19, 2013

p2_DPDetails regarding the class structure for the 2014 United SportsCar Racing series became clearer today with series officials locking in a number of technical specifications.

When the series kicks off at next year’s Rolex 24 at Daytona, ALMS GT fans will be able to see the same current Corvette vs BMW vs Porsche vs Ferrari battle unchanged from this year.

2013-04-19 at 09-56-25The new GT Le Mans (GTLM) class (pictured right) will retain all of the ALMS’ current GT class specs.

An important new safety feature will be found in the cockpit of every GTLM car, as side nets around the driver’s seat will be utilized as an added measure of keeping drivers in place in the event of an incident.

These same nets are currently used in Rolex Series GT cars.

2013 Grand Am Mid OhioThe GT Daytona (GTD) class (pictured right), the new home for what is now GRAND-AM’s Rolex Series GT teams, will run with adjusted performance levels to assist in cost reduction and an overall meshing with other classes. A method of restricting engine air intake will be mandatory, as will single-lug, single piece wheels. Every GTD car will carry a series-specified rear wing.

GTD may also include FIA GT3 cars with minimal modifications, providing they meet class performance targets. Overall, however, the regulations will be based on the current Rolex Series GT rules. In addition, the Rolex Series’ current GX class will be transitioned into GTD. The challenge for series officials will be to balance the straight line speed of the FIA GT3 cars which can be faster in a straight line than the current ACO-spec GT machines.

2012 Grand Am Elkhart LakeSeries officials are working overtime to balance performance between the ALMS’ P2 cars, DeltaWing and Rolex Series’ Daytona Prototypes (pictured right). Initial technical specs to be confirmed today include:

• Cars considered P2 in origin will follow current technical specs of the ACO
• Paddle shifters and 6-speed transmissions /gearboxes allowed for all cars
• Air intake restrictors for all approved engines for P2 and DP cars

ralphThe popular and highly competitive Prototype Challenge (PC) class now competing in the ALMS (pictured right) will return with all current technical aspects intact.

Cars in every class except for PC will also carry series-mandated data loggers, which will be downloaded on every pit stop. Teams will be responsible for the proper operation of the data loggers.

Other fan friendly features from the ALMS will also be transferred into the new series including color coded number panels identifying separate classes as well as an updated leader lights system.


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